By Year 3 Teacher, Gemma Brown


Mrs Brown with her Year 3 class

I remember getting the phone call, I was 4 interviews down – please, please, pleeeeaassseee let this be it. Then I heard ‘we would like to offer you a teaching position’ – I literally jumped up and down whilst taking the call, I had finally got to where I had always wanted to be. I had got into THE school I had hoped for, I had finally done it.

I was lucky that the SCITT course had finished a couple of weeks before the end of the term. It meant I got to go to my new school and get to know the students and my new colleagues.

Then September arrived.

Fear hit.

I had accepted the challenge of jumping key stages.

What on earth was I doing? Was I going to be good enough? How am I supposed to handle this? What on earth am I supposed to teach them? Who’s going to make sure I’m doing it all properly?

Then the bell went on the first day. The children arrived. And they looked at me, in their new pristine uniforms. Waiting. This is it. My moment. Then “Mrs Brown, is that thing on your finger from when I saw you in summer after you crashed the jet ski, fell in the lake and broke it?” – Yes. Yes, it is. Thanks kid. My shining ‘finally a teacher’ moment.

To be fair, this has gained me some brownie points with my class, that and introducing them to the game ‘2 truths and a lie’ and getting them to ‘dab’ when they hear a fronted adverbial in a piece of writing, (how else are you supposed to get them to enjoy recognising fronted adverbials?)

Almost a month in now and I feel like I belong. I would do anything for the children in that class. The pride I feel when I see that light bulb switch on from something I have taught them. That is the moment I am in this for. That high 5 in the classroom when another smiley face is on the behaviour chart, designed by me and the student. I have found my work/life balance. Something I worried about a lot throughout my training.

I have an AMAZING team around me, the support is phenomenal. I feel very lucky to be where I am.

But I do feel like I may never shake off the title of being the teacher who crashed a jet ski.

– Mrs Brown. (high-fiving, dabbing, Year 3 teacher)