At North Lincolnshire Council we constantly rise to the challenges we face

Aspiring People. Inspiring Places

At North Lincolnshire Council we constantly rise to the challenges we face. We strive to improve the quality of life for our residents and our communities. Our priorities will guide us to help us achieve our vision—Aspiring People, Inspiring Places.

Together, we can inspire our young people and adults to embrace a culture of learning; to be competitive with the rest of the world.

North Lincolnshire Strategic Assessment—‘The Big Picture’

To help us with our ambitions, we have, for the first time, produced a Strategic Assessment for North Lincolnshire. This assessment shows a clear understanding of the ‘the big picture’—the needs of our residents.

It identifies the key challenges we face and provides a clear evidence base for future plans and methods to deal with these needs.

Make accessing data simple

The Data Observatory is an online resource which gives you easy access to information on a wide range of themes collected from national and local data sources, using interactive maps, dynamic charts and tables to provide a clearer understanding of areas within North Lincolnshire.

The Data Observatory can help you to…

  • study latest children, education and skills figures
  • access monthly bulletins e.g. unemployment and housing
  • find information on a wide range of indicators, together with local, regional and national comparators which can help businesses, potential investors and community and voluntary groups to understand and best focus activities
  • gain more knowledge about the local area
  • make informed strategic decisions
  • find out who needs our services most
  • develop evidence based policies, plan projects or services
  • prepare funding bids, using evidence to demonstrate a need for the project
  • work together with partners

To make full use of the observatory register here or email us for more information